Yesterday was my first attempt at making lavender lemonade.  Lavender is my new thing.  My air freshener smells like lavender, my dish soap is lavender scented, I have a jar of lavender sugar, and I used fresh lavender in baking scones once.  It’s just about that time of year when fresh lavender will be available at the farmer’s market, and I can’t wait.  I’m always looking for new recipes to use lavender in and I’m really excited about experimenting some more.

Anyway, lavender lemonade.  This could have been much easier and less messy had I known what I was doing.  I got the idea from a lady at the farmer’s market who I’ve bought fresh and dried lavender from in the past (as well as some lavender jelly).  She gave me the following recipe along with the dried lavender I bought from her recently: IMG_7985

The first problem I ran into was the fact that I do not own a large tea ball.  I use tea bags like a civilized human being.  So I tried to improvise a bit.  I used a strainer with a coffee filter in it.


Then I placed another coffee filter on top of the dried lavender.


The plan (and I still think it was a sound idea) was to place the strainer in the pot of boiling water and press the top of the coffee filter with a soup ladle.  I’d show you a picture of this but this is the point in the plan where things got a bit crazy and messy and there was no time for pictures.  The problem, I discovered a little too late, was that my pot was A) too deep for the strainer to reach the boiling water while resting on the rim of the pot and B) had too narrow of an opening to dip the strainer right down into the pot of boiling water.  So I just dumped the lavender (coffee filters and all) right into the water.  After a while the water was supposed to turn “a light rose color.”  This did not happen.  The water turned an Ecto Cooler green.

I figured this was close enough.  I then fished out the coffee filters and the lavender with the strainer.  I ran the lavender-infused water through a coffee filter to get any little bits of lavender I missed.  I then let the lavender water sit to cool.  While that was happening I got out my drink jar (everyone should have something like this).


Then I got out two cans of frozen lemonade


I mixed the two cans with four cans of water.


Then I added the lavender water (which miraculously turned pink somehow).


Then I got out some mint I bought at the store.


Mint can have a fairly powerful flavor, so you don’t need much.


I then chopped up a few leaves…


and added it to the lemonade along with a few handfuls of ice.  Here’s an exciting action shot of that happening:


And a close up for some reason.


The lavender adds a nice floral aftertaste that kind of sits in the back of your throat.  And the mint adds a subtle freshness.  After I tasted the concoction I discovered that it was too sweet.  I remedied this with a few extra handfuls of ice to water the whole thing down as well as a few squirts of lemon juice.

An added bonus to this whole thing was that my whole apartment smelled like lavender for a while.