With all the rain we’ve been getting lately the ducks have decided to move in and take over.

This morning, while picking up my drycleaning (I do things like that now because I’m an adult), I saw a duck outside the store paddling around in a puddle created by the recent rainfall.  Then, when I got to the office this morning a duck was waddling around the courtyard.  It looked like the same duck.  They all look the same to me (duck racism!).

With all the recent rainfall I’m worried that not only will all the worms die off (see yesterday’s post), but that the worms will soon be replaced by an evergrowing number of ducks.  I have nothing against ducks.  I have many fond memories of feeding the ducks at my grandparent’s house when I was growing up.  My problem is that ducks feel like they can go anywhere they want with no restrictions on their movements.

We have deer crossing signs that limit the movement of deer so that we humans don’t come into conflict with them.  We should do the same with ducks.  I see ducks all over Coralville and Iowa City, and I have yet to see a duck crossing sign.  Without these signs the ducks feel like they can go wherever they want whenever they want.  If we don’t start placing restrictions on the growing duck population now who knows what will happen.