We’ve received a lot of rain in the past few days.  And there has usually been a period of sunshine and a temperature increase following each rainfall.  All this changing weather has had a negative impact on the local worm population.

Now that it is finally warmer out and the ground is no longer frozen all the worms have been wiggling about and doing wormy things again (like eating dirt and being slimy).  But when it rains the worms get upset and come above ground to get out of their rain-filled worm homes.  They wiggle onto the pavement so that they don’t drown.  But then the sun comes out and they get baked onto the pavement.

This has now happened two days in a row.  I fear that if this weather trend continues there will be no more worms left in Iowa; all the robins will die and little kids will have to find other things to dare each other to eat.  Soon there won’t be any worms left in nature.  We’ll have to go to worm zoos like this one to see a real live worm: