My office computer is haunted.  There are many mornings (or afternoons) when I come into the office and my computer is on.  I make sure to turn my computer off when I leave each night, so somehow it is coming back on before I come back in in the morning/afternoon.

I’ve even noticed this happening while I’m in the office.  I’ll often shut it down only to find that it has restarted itself a few minutes or hours later.  One time my computer actually restarted itself immediately after I shut it down (no, I didn’t accidently hit “restart” instead of “shutdown”).  My officemates have commented on these strange occurances as well, so it’s not just me.

My computer also has a habit of breathing while it is off.  It will occasionally whir to life for a brief moment just so it can emit a quick sigh, and then it returns to its dormancy.

My computer is alive.  This worries me because I am typing this post on it right now, so I assume that it is aware that I know that it is alive.

We all know how this ends people: