Sarah and I (but mostly Sarah) have been trying to come up with a first dance song for our wedding.  We She came up with a number of possibilities, some serious, some not so serious.  I think she’s more concerned about it than I am.  She’s certainly spent more time and effort thinking about it.

Thus far we both like “The Air That I Breath,” by The Hollies.  However, we have not yet come to a decision and are very open to suggestions.  For those of you who are engaged, what song(s) are you considering?  For those of you who are married, what was your first dance song?  For everyone in general, what song(s) do you recommend?

Just so you know, I can’t stand country music, so don’t even bother suggesting a country song.  It will be rejected.

What other songs should we have the DJ play throughout the reception?  What are the classics?  What are some good new songs that might go over well?  What do you wish had been played at a wedding (your or otherwise) that you attended?  What songs do not work well?

Remember, the music needs to be something people can dance to.  No heavy metal or rap music.