Today we are having a banana party in our office.  Our office must be the coolest/weirdest office on campus.  A banana party is a party where you load up on potassium and listen to banana-themed songs and watch banana-themed videos.  Because of this festive occasion I decided to post the following videos related to bananas (thank you, Sarah, for finding most of these for me):

The first one is my favorite.  Want proof of God’s existence?  Just look at the banana!  The first link is an article explaining this argument and the video below it explains the argument with visuals (yes, that is Kirk Cameron):

Banana Fallacy

For less religion-themed, but equally entertaining, videos check out the following:

Here’s some links to even more banana videos!:

Banana Song

Banana Phone

Charlie The Unicorn


Chiquita Banana

Beaker and Bunsen