Which is better, the perfect piece of bacon or the perfect bite of steak?  I hate to square these two off against each other because you should never have to choose between the two (they should really just be combined into the perfect bacon-wrapped steak).  However, creating hypothetical situations that challenge you to make difficult decisions is both fun and interesting.

Now, for me, this is a very difficult decision to make.  Bacon and steak come from two different animals, they are two different cuts of meat, and they are prepared in two different ways.  They have two different textures and two different tastes.  And, I love both of them.  This makes them difficult to compare.

It comes down to which one I would rather have that one perfect bite of.  You only get one bite of each and each one has been perfectly prepared.  Under this hypothetical situation I would choose the perfect bite of steak.  As many of you know, I am a huge bacon fan.  But when it comes to this scenario I have to go with the perfect bite of steak.

I have a few reasons for this.  Bacon, when imperfectly prepared, is still really good.  And it’s actually not that hard to make a nearly perfect piece of bacon.  So it’s much easier to get really good bacon on a regular basis.  It’s easier availability makes it slightly less desirable.  Also, the texture and taste of a good piece of crispy bacon is something, I feel, we encounter more commonly in other foods.

On the other hand, a good bite of steak is harder to come by.  Steak is easy enough to get; it’s the cooking part that gets tricky.  It needs to be the right cut and thickness.  It needs to be seasoned well.  And, above all, it needs to be cooked with care.  I like my steaks moist and medium rare.  It’s easy to overcook a steak and dry it out.  When it is cooked to perfection, a great steak has a good crust on the outside and is juicy and tender on the inside.  It should melt in your mouth.  If it is cooked and seasoned perfectly, a steak should not need any sauce or other accompaniments.

A perfect bite of bacon makes me happy, but a perfect bite of steak is just bliss.

What’s your choice?

Also, this looks like the greatest idea ever: