Who is your favorite muppet character?  This is a very difficult question for me to answer and I often change my mind.

Right now I’d have to go with Beaker (previously I may have gone with The Swedish Chef or Animal).

Beaker is a lovable, funny, and tragic character.  He is often the unfortunate victim of some accident, tragic circumstance, or science experiment gone wrong.  His bulging eyes and nose, thin and tall head, crazy hair, and oddly shaped mouth make for some comical facial expressions and overall interesting look.  His famous “meep meep” means of communication is both funny and adorable.

One thing I noticed, while doing extensive research for this blog post, was the lack of female muppet characters.  For instance, take a look at this picture an tell me how many female muppets you can identify:

2?  3? (it can sometimes be hard to tell because many muppet characters are gender or sex neutral/ambiguous).

I also discovered that there is an entire Muppet Wiki: http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Category:The_Muppets_Characters.