In your opinion, what is the worst state in the U.S.?

I’ve had one vote for Florida and one for Louisiana.  Having been to Florida a number of times, I have to disagree with it being the worst state.  I have never been to Louisiana, so I feel it would be unfair to judge it.  I have also never been to Alaska, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Texas (unless you count the Houston airport), and Vermont.  So I am excluding them as possible worst states.  After much consideration, I decided Nebraska is probably the worst state (Indiana was a close second).

What criteria should one use to judge a whole state?

Obviously, this is incredibly subjective and based on very limited personal experience.  I take into account the natural beauty of the landscape, the quality of entertainment, culture, and history; whether or not I like the people, and how much personal experience I’ve had within the state.  There are parts of states I don’t like, but I felt I had to consider the state as a whole.  For example, large chunks of many western states are pretty crappy.  The eastern half of Colorado sucks, as does the southern half of Wyoming and most of Nevada.  But these states have enough redeeming qualities to keep them from the bottom of the list.  Colorado has its entire western half, Wyoming has the Tetons, Devil’s Tower, and Yellowstone, and Nevada has Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam.  I also consider how much of a state I’ve seen and how much time I spent there.  For example, Kansas, Delaware, and Mississippi seem like obvious bottom of the list choices, but I’ve spent very little time in them and have not seen much of what they have to offer; so I felt it was unfair to declare any of them to be the worst state.

Nebraska ended up as my personal choice for worst state because I have driven itse entire length twice.  Other than a nice restaurant I went to near Omaha, there is nothing worth mentioning in Nebraska.  Sorry Nebraska, but you are the worst state in the U.S.

What’s your choice for worst state?