When I went for my daily workout at the rec. center last Friday I noticed an interesting little gift in the back of my locker.  There was a single, shriveled green bean sitting all by itself on the floor of the locker.  I had to lean in close and squint at it to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.

There’s a story there somewhere.

A million questions ran trough my head.  How did it get there?  Why was it there?  Where did it come from? Was it placed there intentionally?  Was it put there fresh, only to shrivel up later, or was it already old and withered when it was left there?  Did anyone miss it?  Was I the first to come across this mysterious little green bean?

No, I didn’t eat it.  I left it there.  I didn’t feel it was my place to remove it.  If you want to see the green bean it is in locker #131 in the men’s locker room of the University of Iowa’s Recreation and Wellness Center.