Sarah (my fiance) and I are planning our honeymoon for right after we get married this summer.  We seem to have settled on Ireland as our destination, but we haven’t hammered out most of the details.  We haven’t decided exactly when we’re leaving, where all we’re going, how long we’ll be gone, where we’re staying, how much it will cost, what we’re going to do, or how we’re going to get around.

We’re not really beach resort people, but we don’t want anything too fast paced either.  We like history, culture, and food.  We like some touristy stuff be we also like to go off the beaten path a bit.  We’d prefer not to be too rushed or crowded.  A mix of urban and rural adventures would be nice.

So I’m throwing this out there into internetland.  For those of you who have gone on a honeymoon, are planning a honeymoon, or have traveled to Ireland and the surrounding area, what do you recommend?  When’s the best time to leave (we were thinking mid/late July)?  How long should we go for (we were thinking 1-2 weeks)?  What types of places should we stay in (rent a house, B&B, hotels, CASTLES!)?  How should we get around (rent a car, trains, short flights, ferries, donkey)?  What places should we visit (CASTLES!!)?  What are some fun and relaxing things to do (no golf or brewery tours)?  What deals are available and what are some ways to save money?  What resources are you aware of that we should be looking at?  Should we try to do a package tour or an independent vacation?

Basically, I want you to plan our honeymoon for us because we’re sick of planning and making decisions.  So get to it!