If you were the supreme overlord of the world and had the authority and the power to make everyone on the planet do one thing, what would that one thing be?

In this scenario I’ve taken away everyone’s free will.  For whatever reason everyone has to do this one thing.  No exceptions.

Would you be nice and make it something pleasant and beneficial?  Or would you be like me and make everyone else suffer for your own enjoyment?

For instance, I would make everyone wear a hat all the time; in the shower, while working out, while sleeping.  All the time.  You could wear different hats, but you always had to have one on.  No excuses for weather or work or anything.  I would establish some kind of basic definition of what a hat is, but otherwise it would be open to interpretation and creativity.

Or….make Taco Tuesday a mandatory weekly holiday in which everyone has to participate by eating tacos for at least one meal on that day.

The possibilities are endless.