This is a picture of key lime pie (shamelessly stolen from this website:

Key lime pie is not only my favorite pie, but my favorite dessert.  I love key lime pie so much that a number of years ago I went as far as stating that I would propose marriage to anyone who made me a key lime pie.  This threat/promise kept my girlfriend (now fiance) from ever making it for me (I guess she doesn’t have an excuse now).

I guess the reason I’m posting this right now is because I really want some key lime pie and have no idea where to get some here in Iowa (other than the crappy frozen stuff at Hy-Vee).  Someone please bring me pie!

Additionally, thinking about key lime pie got me thinking of a few dessert related questions for anyone reading this.

  1. What’s your favorite pie?
  2. What’s your favorite cake (I think mine is red velvet cake.  Do cheesecakes count as cake?)?
  3. Which is better, pie or cake?
  4. What is your favorite dessert?
  5. Are there any desserts you don’t like (For instance, I don’t eat chocolate and fruit mixed together)?
  6. What is your favorite non-pie/non-cake dessert? <– that’s a tough one (I may have to go with creme brulee).

Finally, and most importantly, what kind of dessert should we have for our wedding?  (This is our baker’s website:  No chocolate and fruit!