A number of months ago my Aunt Nancy gave me a juicer.  I’ve always wanted one, but didn’t think I’d use it enough to justify the expense.  So a free one worked out perfectly.  Up until a few days ago the juicer has just been sitting on a shelf taking up space.


That all changed when Hy-Vee had a sale on juicing oranges (18# bag for $7).  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.


I’ve never used a juicer before so I decided to start with just a few oranges to see how the thing worked.  The first step was to wash the oranges.


Then I rolled the oranges around a bit to get the juices flowing (I have no idea if this actually does anything, but people on TV do it).


Then I cut each orange in half and arranged them so I could take a picture because I am a crazy person.


Then I placed each orange half on the juicing thing…


…and placed the clear plastic cover over it (I learned later that this clear plastic cover serves no practical purpose and actually results in less juice and more clean up).


To my disappointment, this was all the first orange half produced.


But after 5 oranges I had a fullish glass of orange juice.


Every morning since I’ve made myself a fresh glass of OJ for breakfast using 6 oranges and no clear plastic thing (it ends up being a lot faster and produces a full glass).  You’d be surprised how far 18 lbs of oranges will go.  I’ve barely made a dent in the bag.

I also discovered that it’s possible to turn the spout on and off.  I discovered this on accident this morning when I couldn’t figure out why no juice was coming out.  If you close it and let the juice all come out at once it is much more satisfying than the slow trickle.

In my opinion juice tastes a lot better when it’s fresh squeezed, but if you don’t like pulp this may not be the best device for you.

Now I need to find new things to juice!