Banket (pronounced “bunket” by everyone in my family) is a flaky, almond paste filled Dutch dessert.  This tube shaped pastry is about as Dutch as it gets folks.

Every year around Christmas time my grandma makes a whole bunch of ’em for everyone in the family.  However, not everyone in the family likes banket, which means I get more than my share.  I really don’t know what’s wrong with these members of my family.  I love banket.  I love anything with almond paste.  Banket is delicious, and I am more than happy to take some off the hands of those who don’t appreciate the awesomeness.  They just don’t know what’s good.  The more for me I suppose, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Up until a few days ago I had never seen banket made.  I always assumed it just magically appeared (I assume this about a lot of things.  If I don’t personally witness the process then it is magic.  Makes the world more interesting).  That perception changed when I was home for Thanksgiving last week.  My mom and aunt were helping my grandma make the banket this year (complete with funny looking aprons provided by my crazy Aunt Nancy, who will remain nameless to protect her identity).

I’ve cooked a number of labor intensive things in the past, but this truly looked hard!  There were rolling pins, and scissors, and cardboard, and measuring tape.  This was a regular construction site.  I appreciate banket much more now that I know how it is made.  I have no interest in trying to make it myself (I have a general aversion to baking), but I appreciate all the hard work that goes into something so delicious.

So get out your wooden shoes everyone.  It’s almost banket time!  I can’t wait for Christmas.

***This will be my last post for a few weeks.  I have three academic papers to write before the end of the semester and I should really be putting my writing efforts into finishing them.  Sorry.  I will return in a few weeks with many tales of adventure.