If money wasn’t a concern, you had no obligations, and you had all the time in the world where would you like to travel?

I’ve often thought about this.  Would I want to go somewhere new or revisit a place I know I like.


I’d like to go back to New Zealand, but see other parts of Polynesia and the Pacific along the way.

I’d like to revisit Europe, but to see some of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe that I wasn’t able to see the first time I went.

I’d like to go on another fishing trip to Canada, but I want to see a moose this time.

I’d like to travel the United States, but to go to all the states I’ve never seen.


I want to go to Greenland just to be out in the middle of nowhere.

I want to go to Belize because it has the lowest population density of any country in the western hemisphere.

I want to go to  Botswana because much of their country is protected wilderness.

I want to go to Morocco because I want to see if their cookies are anything like the Moroccan cookies at Epcot.

I want to go to Oman to visit my friend Zach.

I want to go to Mongolia because it’s there.

I want to go to Bhutan because they don’t have Gross Domestic Product.  They have Gross Domestic Happiness.

I want to go to Vietnam to bike along its coastline.

I want to go to Malaysia to get a cheap meal.


And then I’d go home and take a nap.