I don’t exercise much and I don’t eat very healthy.  I’ve been getting by on some kind of metabolism miracle.  One day I will probably look like this

because I eat this

and don’t do this

I used to be in shape.  When I was in high school I played soccer, swimming, and tennis.  I wasn’t very good, but I was in the best shape of my life.  Now I don’t do any of those things.  I don’t have the structure and motivation of being on a team and having people rely on me.  I’m lazy.  I spend most of my day reading, writing, and watching TV.  I wear a pedometer, but that hasn’t exactly motivated me to walk more.  It just reminds me of how little I actually move on any given day.

I could tell you that I’m planning to change all of that and start exercising more, but I’d be lying.  Could someone order me a pizza?  The phone is on the other side of the room.