It is November.  Apparently that means you are supposed to blog every day for the whole month.  I’ve been doing pretty well so far, but I’m running out of things to talk about and I need some help.  It was pretty easy to come up with things to write about when I first started this thing, but I’ve exhausted a lot of subjects.  It’s hard for me to find things to write about these days.

As an academic, and as someone who is new to the area, I don’t have a very active social life.  Most of my day is spent with my nose in a book, my eyes glued to a computer screen, or in class.  I don’t get out much, I don’t interact with many people, and I don’t have very many interesting experiences.  In short, I am a hermit.

So it’s hard for me to come up with new and interesting things to talk about.  I could use a little assistance (unless you enjoy hearing about doing the dishes or taking out the trash).  Those of you who know me well might be able to come up with a topic I find interesting, or you may just want to hear me relate “that one time I…” sort of story.  You might be able to think of some interesting topics that I have overlooked.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated.