Guess what I got in the mail…

That’s right, Flying magazine.  Who keeps sending me these?  I am not a pilot or a flying enthusiast.  Very funny.  Please stop.

Guess what else I got in the mail…


When I saw this little coffee can outside my apartment door when I got home last night I immediately knew what it was.  Up to that point I was having an average day.   But when I saw that coffee can I got excited.  It made my day.

All my Schellenberg cousins are familiar with receiving one of these magical little packages from time to time.  Ever since we started going off to college and getting jobs far from home we have been periodically blessed with a little coffee can of love.

There’s always a little handwritten note letting us know that grandma and grandpa are thinking about us, that we are loved, and that they are proud of us and whatever we are doing.  They would fill us in on how they were doing and what has been going on back home.

But this time it felt a bit different.  The coffee can was the same (with tons of packing tape all over it).  The cookies were the same (maybe even better than usual).  And the note was the same (always on yellow lined paper in my grandma’s handwriting).  What was missing was my grandpa.  He passed away a few weeks ago.

When I received these packages in the past I always knew that my grandma did all the work.  She made the cookies.  She packed them.  She wrote the note.  She mailed them.  But the return address always had both their names on it.  The note was always signed “Love, Grandma and Grandpa.”  Even though my grandma did all the work I always knew that the cookies and the note were from both of them.

This time was different.  Grandpa’s names was not on the address label.  The note was signed “Love, Grandma.”  These cookies were from Grandma.

I had conflicting emotions.  On the one hand, I was very happy to see that my grandma was keeping busy and thinking of me.  She is continuing a tradition that her grandchildren appreciate and cherish.  On the other hand, I was very sad to be reminded that my grandpa was no longer with us.  That note would never say “Love Grandma and Grandpa” again.

My grandpa was my hero and I will miss him dearly.

My grandma is my hero and I love her dearly.

My grandma is the coolest.