You may have no idea what the title to this blog post is referring to.  Which might lead you to the following questions: What is “Jayne hat weather?”  What is a “Jayne hat?”  Why is it called a “Jayne hat?”  Don’t worry; soon all will be revealed.

  • What is “Jayne hat weather?”

“Jayne hat weather” is when conditions outside become cold enough, cloudy enough, and windy enough to justify wearing a “Jayne hat” out in public.  For me, here in Iowa, “Jayne hat weather” began yesterday.  This decision varies from person to person depending on your tolerance for cold weather and your willingness to look silly awesome.

  • What is a “Jayne hat?”

This is a “Jayne hat:”

This is what mine looks like:

It is very comfortable and stylish,

it has a fuzzy little ball on top,

and it has flaps!

It is one of the best gifts I have every received.  And I get plenty of weird jealous looks from people on the street.

  • Why is it called a “Jayne hat?”

It’s called a “Jayne hat” because it was worn by a character named Jayne on the short lived TV show Firefly.  Firefly was a space western that followed the adventures of the crew of the spaceship SerenitySerenity is also the name of a movie that basically took over where the TV show left off in order to bring some closure to the series.  I highly recommend both the show and the movie.   Here is the clip where the “Jayne hat” is introduced:

So, if you are looking for Christmas present ideas for yourself or loved ones you can’t do much better than a “Jayne hat.”