My cat is weird.  I know everyone says that about their pets, and I’m no different.  I think she has spent too much time around dogs, because I’m convinced that she thinks she is one.  For instance, she follows me around the apartment begging for attention.  Most cats don’t follow someone around like a loyal puppy.  Loyal puppies do that.  More surprisingly, my cat plays fetch.  She’s not the best at it, but it is definitely fetch.

Here is her toy of choice, a simple milk cap ring.  This is how I know she is Dutch.  I could buy her all the expensive cat toys in the world but she wouldn’t touch them.  All she wants is her cheap little plastic milk ring.  And I’m glad, makes my life easier.  She even has a favorite milk ring.  She prefers her pink one to the red one.

To play fetch you have to first make sure she’s interested in playing.  She is the most active in the morning and at night.  Here is how you know she wants to play:

Here is how you know she doesn’t want to play:

Once her desire to play has been established it’s time to have fun.  I get her to play fetch by frisbeeing the milk ring down the hallway.  She then goes chasing after it.

Sometimes she gives up halfway or wanders in to another room.

But most of the time she brings it back.

I’ve played fetch with her for up to a half hour at a time.

And there you have it.  This is about as exciting as my life gets.