This afternoon I am going to a lecture titled “A Plotting Maiden and a Traitor: Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins and U.S. Imperialism in the ‘New Southwest’ (1848-87).”  We just finished Sarah Winnemucca’s book, Life Among the Piutes: Their Wrongs and Claims, in my English class on American Literature and Culture: Borders and HomelandsThere is a quote in the book that caught my eye, so I thought I would share it.  I think it is also appropriately relevant to the recent Columbus Day holiday and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

“Oh, for shame! You who are educated by a Christian government in the art of war; the practice of whose profession makes you natural enemies of the savages, so called by you. Yes, you, who call yourselves the great civilization; you who have knelt upon Plymouth Rock, covenanting with God to make this land the home of the free and the brave. Ah, then you rise from your bended knees and seizing the welcoming hands of those who are the owners of this land, which you are not, your carbines rise upon the bleak shore, and your so-called civilization sweeps inland from the ocean wave; but, oh, my God! leaving its pathway marked by crimson lines of blood; and strewed by the bones of two races, the inheritor and the invader; and I am crying out to you for justice,—yes, pleading for the far-off plains of the West, for the dusky mourner, whose tears of love are pleading for her husband, or for their children, who are sent far away from them. Your Christian minister will hold my people against their will; not because he loves them,—no, far from it,—but because it puts money in his pockets.

The whole book is available online:

Maybe she should join the Avengers.